Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Consilia ad aestimationes librorum conscribendas

Ecce index consiliorum regularumque quae ad aestimationes conscribendas pertinent. In situ nostro "Humanistica" constituimus praebere occasionem discipulis componendi aestimationes librorum qui classicistas atque humanistas attrahant.

Guidelines for Humanistica et Classica Book Reviews

Thanks for your interest in writing a book review for Humanistica et Classica Book Reviews. This site is devoted to book reviews on subjects of interest to humanists and classicists. Our reviews are intended for both the general and the scholarly reader. Our review authors are all undergraduates interested in Classical languages and Classical studies.

Those interested in reviewing a book should contact the head blogger, Diane Johnson, at State the title and author of the book you are interested in reviewing, and explain why you feel this book deserves attention on our site. If Diane agrees with you, you will be sent a copy of the book (yours to keep); when your review is submitted, you will be presented with a home-baked pie or cake (specify your preference), and your review will be vetted by the Classics Section of the Modern and Classical Languages Department at Western Washington University. Then the review will be put on the Humanistica site. We welcome participation by students at other undergraduate institutions: please be aware however that it may be impossible to mail you a pie or a cake, and so cookies or fudge may have to be substituted.

Here are some points that you will want to keep in mind:
1. Your review should take into consideration each of the following:
a. What is the book about? Give a synopsis of the author's argument Is there an index? an appendix? illustrations?

b. Does it seem to you that the author has argued convincingly?
Why or why not?

c. Who would benefit from this book, and why?
d. Are there other studies on this topic with which you are familiar?
2. Length: 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages double-spaced).
3. Please double-space your text.
4. Your review doesn't need a title. Instead, begin by stating the title of the book under review, using this format:
The School of Libanius in Late Antique Antioch. By Raffaella Cribiore. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007. ISBN 978-0-691-12824-5. Pp 360. $69.95 (hardcover).

5. At the end of your review, skip a line and then provide your name and email address (if you are willing to be contacted by email; if you would prefer to have all discussion of the review limited to the blogsite, do not include your email address).
6. Please submit your review to Diane by email attachment.

6. It is absolutely essential that your words be your own; please be sure that when you are quoting other people's work you acknowledge them in your review. Document your quotations of the reviewed text by providing a page number in parentheses; other quoted material should be cited fully in parentheses.

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